enterprise architecture maturity assessment questionnaire

Architecture Element Description Information. Based on Industry Standards [14 ] and our consulting experience the following architecture - elements are identified and are to be assessed as part of the EA maturity assessment methodology, Figure 3 – Enterprise Architecture Elements . The whole DW maturity assessment questionnaire can be seen further in this report. Enterprise architecture (EA) departments are not always sure which areas to improve or how to yield the greatest benefit to the organization. We are happy to help! In this way, maturity models facilitate the evolutionary reengineering of all functions related with the lifecycle of an Enterprise Architecture as they allow benchmarking assessment … Even if EA teams are achieving benefits, they do not always have the opportunity to show the investment justification to the business. Approach us if you have any questions. In our initial engagements with clients, we arrange a set of Architects from your practice to take our Architecture Maturity Assessment Survey.This web-based survey contains a set of multi-choice questions, that elicits a response from each Architect, in order to get a maturity measurement for each dimension of the architecture practice. This document serves as Informatica’s Enterprise Architecture (EA) Review checklist for Cloud vendors that wish to do business with Informatica. Depending on its findings, you will receive expert resources on how to target identified areas of improvement. EA Assessment. Enterprise Architecture Element . EAvaluator is a fully automated Enterprise Architecture maturity tool that takes the form of a comprehensive questionnaire backed by complex, rule-driven analysis. Enterprise Architecture Maturity Assessment - An ARC-compliant Approach Amit Bhagwat NDIA 7th Annual CMMI Technology Conference & User Group:12-15 Nov 2007. It is difficult to tie business value to doing an EA maturity assessment. Fill out our interactive assessment questionnaire and get your tailored score, detailed report and next steps in minutes. EAvaluator is a rules-driven assessment which takes the form of a multiple choice questionnaire. Data Warehouse (DW) Maturity Assessment Questionnaire The filling in of the questionnaire will take approximately 50 minutes and in the end a maturity score for each This checklist contains questions from Informatica’s Cloud Standards that cover the areas pertaining to Application, Data, Infrastructure, Integrations, Service and Support, Network / VPN, Security A brief description of each element follows. It is free to use and provides the results of the maturity assessment instantly. What is your Enterprise Architecture maturity stage? NDIA 7th Annual CMMI Technology Conference 2 ©Amit Bhagwat amit_buk-ndia1107[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk The EA Maturity Assessment Tool measures Enterprise Architecture programs according to 10 inputs. Fill the form to get assess the status of your enterprise architecture! The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is focused on helping agencies develop their Enterprise Architecture (EA) programs so that they can benefit from the results of using EA as a strategic planning tool. A preliminary version of this research has been published in (Sacu et al., 2010). Simply answer the sixteen questions, which should take about five minutes, and EAvaluator will provide an assessment of your organisation’s maturity broken down into eleven architecture disciplines.

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